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2 Volcanoes - climbing Kazbek and Elbrus
Elbrus and Kazbek are the most accessible and highest fivethousanders of the Caucasus. Every year these two peaks attract more than 10,000 people. These peaks are well known for their accessibility, symbolism and extraordinary volcanic shape. Elbrus and Kazbek are two extinct volcanoes. A visit to these two peaks during one trip provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of several nations of the Caucasus - Georgians, Ossetians and Balkars.

Brief info

Technical difficulty:
Length: 35 km
Altitude gain: 3354 m
Best time
Activity level:
High endurance is required to climb for about 4-6 hours a day.
11 days
The route is well maintained and won't cause any difficulties
June to September is the best time for climbing, thanks to the warm and stable weather.
1. Easy
1-day or multi-day climbs at an altitude up to 3000 meters. Easy, mostly walking terrain. Good for most fitness levels. Also suitable for children and elderly people. Perfect for whose who have never climbed a mountain and who want to try it out.

2. Moderate
1-day or multi-day climbs at an altitude up to 3000 meters with some technical elements. Mostly walking terrain. Requires an average level of physical fitness.

3. Challenging
Multi-day climbs with longer and more exposed climbing areas at the altitude up to 5000-6000 meters. Requires high endurance to walk several days for about 4-6 hours a day. Steeper slopes, many crevasses. Requires an average to above average fitness level.

4. Strenuous
Strenuous climbs at altitudes of 5000-7000 meters. Requires high endurance to walk and climb on a moderate snow and ice slopes for several days for up to 8 hours a day. Continuously steep terrain, wall passages that require great commitment. Requires an above average fitness level and high level of stamina.

5. Extreme
Extremely challenging climbs for experienced mountaineers, high altitudes up to 8848 meters. Requires extremely high level of physical fitness and stamina, as well as great practical experience of technical mountaineering.
What intensity you should expect from this activity and what fitness level is required for this activity
0. No requirements/ minimal requirements
Easy climbs with non-technical elements. No certain knowledge or experience is required for this activity.

1. Beginner
Climbing sections clearly arranged and unproblematic. Might include short steep passages and a few crevasses. Increased step safety is necessary. No prior experience is required, all necessary techniques will be explained by the guide before or during the climb.

2. Intermediate
Good navigational sense and efficient rope handling required, long climbing sections. Basic experience in using crampons and ice axes is required.

3. Advanced
Good sense of orientation en route, efficient rope handling, long climbs, requires securing at halting-points. Requires proficiency in basic mountaineering skills including: cramponing, walking on snow, self-arrest, crevasse rescue, and glacier travel on a rope team.

4. Professional
Extremely steep, partly overhanging wall passages, ice climbing sections. Requires proficiency in basic and advanced mountaineering skills including: cramponing, walking on snow, self-arrest, crevasse rescue, and glacier travel on a rope team.
Some activities might envolve technical elements for which certain practical experience or training is needed.


Important details

Tents for the duration of the active program. Accommodation in the hotel "Birch Grove" in the village of Neitrino, V. Baksan, possible accommodation in the hotel - v. Terskol / Elbrus. During the ascent - tents or huts (4200 m).
For acclimatization hikes and ascents we'll eat three times a day. On the mountain: breakfast, dinner, tea + snacks. If desired, an independent nutrition is possible. On the day of climbing, a special kit (without lunch).
Your guides
During this ascent you will be accompanied by real professionals who have been working in the mountains for the past 11 years.
Most of the guides have at least 1st sports class in mountain climbing or mountain tourism, champions of national competitions and CIS countries, have been trained in schools of instructors, mountaineering instructors, many have real experience in the mountain rescuing operations, have been trained in specialized courses on medicine.
How hard is it
Climbing these peaks is not difficult for a physically advanced person. You will receive all necessary training in mountaineering before climbing, in the days of acclimatization. One of the main advantages of this program is smoother acclimatization and the proper climb logistics - first you climb Kazbek, and then technically a little more complex Elbrus.
The program includes delivery of public equipment and meals on horses to the Meteo Station refuge on the 2nd and 3rd days of the hike and all transfers according to the program (Tbilisi - Stepantsminda - Vladikavkaz - Terskol, Terskol - Mineralnye Vody) by minibus or car (depending on the number of people in the group).
Safety and medicine
The guides will provide the necessary safety as long as you comply with the Safety Guidelines. The group is equipped with a first-aid kit, radio stations and navigation equipment (GPS). All groups are registered in the Elbrus unit of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (Terskol village) before climbing. Rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations can be contacted throughout the route.
The decision to terminate the ascent in conditions that threaten the safety of the participants is the exclusive competence of the guide accompanying the group on the route and is not subject to discussion.
On the way, the group first-aid kit is at the guide's disposal. It is also necessary to have your own set of medicines for individual and chronic diseases.
Equipment to bring with you

Main equipment:
  • Backpack (60-80 L);
  • Sleeping bag, suitable for 0…-5°С;
  • Sleeping pad;
  • Backpack for storming the peak (25-30 л).

Clothing and shoes:
  • Mountaineering boots (comfortable, worn in);
  • Warm down jacket;
  • Trekking pants;
  • Warm pants;
  • Trekking jacket;
  • Gaiters;
  • Hat;
  • Fleece coat;
  • Socks;
  • Balaclava;
  • Sun hat.
Special equipment
  • Climbing harness
  • Self-arrest cords (1);
  • Helmet;
  • Ice-axe;
  • Crampons;
  • Carbines (2)
Contact us for a complete list of equipment.

Please note!

Some items of equipment are included in the price of the tour (more information can be found in the "Included in price" section).

Climbing options

Group climbs
We have made this tour especially for true enthusiasts who value unity with nature and are not afraid of long walks. During this climb you will learn the skills of outdoor cooking and get an unforgettable experience of overnight staying in tents.

The cost of the tour depends on the number of people in the group:
2 people - €1300 per person
3 people - €1090 per person
4 people - €950 per person
You are just sending a request, no payment is needed at this point. Our Expert will get in touch with you to answer all your questions and help you book the best option for you.
from €950 per person
Group climbs are available on the following dates:

18 June - 28 June 2020
01 Aug - 11 Aug 2020

If these dates are not suitable for you, please contact us and we will find a suitable tour for you.
Guides' service
  • guides service
  • assistant guide for groups of 4+ people
  • Accommodation in the guesthouses in Kazbegi and Neutrino.
  • Accommodation in refuges on Elbrus
  • Tenting at 3700 Meteo Station, Kazbek
Meals en route
  • Hot breakfast and diner
  • Lunch – sandwiches + tea
Equipment rental
  • Tent and public equipment rental
  • Registration with the Ministry of Emergency Situations
  • First Aid kit
  • GPS navigator
  • Delivery of public equipment and meals on horseback to the Meteo Station refuge on days 2 and 3 of the hike
  • All program transfers (Tbilisi - Stepantsminda - Vladikavkaz - Terskol, Terskol - Mineralnye Vody)
  • Cable car Azau - Barrels
Additional activities
  • Bathhouse at the end of the trip in Neutrino.
  • Programme Excursions
Mount Elbrus permits
Not included
Aeroplane tickets
  • Flight to Tbilisi / Mineralnye Vody - from 200 EUR round trip
  • Meals in cafes during transfers
  • Accommodation during transfers
Equipment and snowcat rental
  • Rental of special equipment for climbing: crampons, ice axe, helmets, harnesses and carbines - 100 EUR for the whole program;
  • Snowcat rental on Elbrus from 50 EUR / person
  • Insurance (mandatory) - 40 EUR
  • Tip the guide (optional, but he'll be glad)
Additional expenses
  • Other costs not mentioned in the programme
What kind of weather should I expect during my trip?
In Terskol village in summer from +15ºС to +25ºС, in spring and autumn from 0ºС to +20ºС. "Gara Bashi" (3800 metres) in summer time from -2ºC to +20ºC.
What if my group can't climb Elbrus on the planned day?
The tour price includes one attempt to climb. An attempt is considered to be the departure of the group together with the guides from the shelter/BC not later than 05.00AM and ascent to the height of at least 5000 meters. If the ascent to Elbrus turned out to be impossible for the whole group or individual participants (due to weather conditions or poor health), the attempt can be repeated the next day by paying for one more night of accommodation in a mountain shelter and the guides' service. If the attempt was not used on the planned day of ascent (due to weather conditions), the next day will be used at no extra charge (reserve day).
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